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Values of the Academic Project

  • Critical Independence: Since its establishment, UDP has been recognized as a non-denominational university with academic freedom promoting diversity of opinion and research areas within its academic community.
  • Diversification of Elites: Our University has a strong commitment to diversifying the professional elites by promoting the admission of students from different socioeconomic backgrounds. Our programs will provide each student with the tools guaranteeing them access to academic, technological, and educational support resources, leveling their knowledge and skills throughout their studies. The objective is to generate an early progression into the workforce, access to networks, and a successful insertion in the professional milieu.
  • Inclusion: We have an inclusion policy for our entire community. We continuously work to adapt our current resources and processes to eliminate any barriers preventing our officials, scholars, and students from developing their full abilities.
  • Gender: We are committed to providing a high-quality education for everyone by mainstreaming the gender perspective, proposing specific courses on diversity in the areas and tiers of our academic community.
  • Environment: We have formalized and enhanced our commitment to the preservation and care of the environment. We have consolidated management practices that promote recycling, environmental education, and the generation of sustainable projects aimed at protecting our environment and fighting climate change. Additionally, we are committed to measuring our carbon footprint and reducing it in the medium term.