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Facilities and Services

Santiago Campus


The University District is located at the heart of the capital. This area houses 9 out of the 10 UDP Faculties.

  1. Central House.
  2. Faculty of Social Sciences and History.
  3. Classroom Building.
  4. Sports Centre and Administrative Building.
  5. Faculty of Health and Dentistry.
  6. Faculty of Medicine.
  7. Faculty of Psychology.
  8. Nicanor Parra Library.
  9. Faculty of Architecture, Art, and Design.
  10. Faculty of Law I.
  11. Faculty of Architecture, Art, and Design II.
  12. Faculty of Law II.
  13. Faculty of Education I.
  14. Faculty of Education II.
  15. Faculty of Communication and Humanities.
  16. Faculty of Engineering and Sciences.
  17. Faculty of Medicine II.
  18. Faculty of Psychology II.
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