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Academic Project


UDP has firmly positioned itself in the field of Social Sciences and Humanities. It has been ranked in the top three universities in the country. Over the last few years, different academic and human resources have been allocated to the field of Hard Sciences and Engineering. These resources have strengthened the academic project by promoting new areas of knowledge seeking to answer the great questions of humankind, e.g., astronomy, energy, and sustainability. Finally, the University has academic programs in the field of Medicine and Dentistry seeking to contribute to the population’s growing need for equal access to health plans and preventative and palliative programs.

Currently, UDP has twenty-nine undergraduate programs and thirty-one postgraduate programs delivered by its eleven faculties and institutes:

Faculty of Architecture, Art, and Design

The Faculty of Architecture, Art, and Design features a high engagement component to the national and international milieu, which enhances the connections among scholars, students, and members of both the internal and external communities.

This Faculty includes professors who are active leaders in the field who complement classroom education with the regular participation of high-level international experts. They also promote academic internships abroad and the completion of approximately forty activities a year (i.e., exhibits, seminars, and workshops), lead by prominent artists, architects, and designers.


Faculty of Social Sciences and History

This Faculty combines up-to-date teaching with cutting-edge research on relevant issues such as the quality of democracy, social conflict and cohesion, forms of inequality, indigenous peoples and inter-cultural relations, gender violence, social movements, and political representation of ethnic minorities, to name a few.

Its School of Political Science is considered one of the best in the country, according to the Shanghai Ranking 2020. The following are some of its emblematic projects:

  • Center for Inter-cultural and Indigenous Studies (CIIR).
  • Center for Conflict and Social Cohesion Studies (COES).
  • Millennium Nucleus for Energy and Society Research (NUMIES).
  • Re-reading of the Nation. One hundred years of stories, 1917-2017.

Faculty of Communication and Humanities

The Faculty of Communication and Humanities, with its School of Journalism, Humanities, and Advertising, has consolidated its research on communications as the best in the country (Shanghai Ranking, 2020).

The Center for Communication Research, Literature, and Social Observation (CICLOS), along with the Center for Research and Projects in Journalism, strengthens the Faculty’s commitment to the field with initiatives such as its Open Forum in homage to Roberto Bolaño.


Faculty of Law

This Faculty is one of the flagship UDP faculties. It was one of the founding faculties and has always been committed to public and social endeavors. Its undergraduate program ranks within

This Faculty is one of the flagship UDP faculties. It was one of the founding faculties and has always been committed to public and social endeavors. Its undergraduate program ranks within the top five at the national level (América y Economía Ranking 2019). Its students have the opportunity of working on community projects and conduct academic activities abroad.

The Faculty of Law at UDP showcases its commitment to public issues through programs such as the Program for Procedural Reforms. This program seeks to contribute to improving Chile’s judicial system. Its legal clinics oversee approximately six hundred cases in areas such as Civil Law, Criminal Justice, Mediation and Arbitration, Family, Public Interest Litigation and Human Rights, Environment Justice, and Migrants and Refugees. Additionally, it carries out community engagement activities, reaching more than 3,000 people per year.


Faculty of Economy and Business

The Faculty of Economy and Business seeks to contribute to the development of Latin American businesses. It is also committed to building an equal-opportunity, sustainable economy through solid professional education and high-quality scientific production. The faculty members are nationally and internationally renowned professionals, who encourage student participation in applied research and consultancy projects, ranging from devising marketing plans to public policy implementation.

The MBA program is ranked within the top five in the country and fifteen in Latin America (América Economía Ranking 2020). This Faculty has four research and innovation centers, and teachers and students actively participate in international activities.


Faculty of Education

The Faculty of Education prides itself on delivering a teaching training connected closely to real classroom experiences and the main challenges and demands of the school system.

This Faculty actively contributes and participates in the design and implementation of public policies on education through research and projects associated with its research center: the Centre of Cognitive Development. This Centre works with education professionals promoting adult student-learning. The Educational Leadership program encompasses different initiatives and activities around school leadership, and the Unit of Academic Literacy encourages students to develop abilities associated with oral and written language.


Faculty of Engineering

This Faculty prides itself on the technological and scientific expertise at the service of the country’s needs, increasing its engagement with the community and actively conducting research on global science and technology topics.

The Faculty of Engineering is actively engaged with its milieu. On the one hand, it holds cooperation agreements with national companies, allowing students to carry out their professional internships and final degree activities there. On the other hand, the faculty hosts colloquia, talks, seminars, and a job fair, where those companies and the student and academic community gather and give each other feedback.


Faculty of Medicine

The mission of the Faculty of Medicine is to prepare practitioners of excellence, pluralists, with solid scientific and bioethical grounds, following a biopsychosocial approach, and committed to the health needs of patients. These professionals will contribute to the knowledge of the country’s main health issues and their solution.

The Faculty is committed to society through applied research and participation in clinic networks that host essential health care facilities in the Metropolitan and VI Regions. Such facilities are the DIPRECA Hospital in Santiago, medical offices in the Peñalolén district, and the Health Service in the IV Region.


Faculty of Health and Dentistry

The Faculty of Health and Dentistry was established as a result of the community’s growing need for specialized care. In response to this situation, the Schools of Dentistry, Nursing, Medical Technology, Obstetrics and Neonatology, and Kinesiology started offering their professional academic programs.

The Faculty has, at its disposal, a network of clinical campuses of diverse complexity where first-year students can learn and help the community. Some of the facilities to which students have access are UDP’s Dental Clinic, municipal Corporations, and Family Health Care Centres.


Faculty of Psychology

UDP’s Faculty of Psychology is continuously exploring new ways of contributing to human development, quality of life, and well-being of people, groups, and communities, through additional research and outreach activities, and the training of new reflective and competent psychologists, committed to the development of the country.

Many of its scholars have been recipients of awards such as the Specialty in Legal and Forensic Psychology Award (conferred by the Chilean College of Psychologists) and the Fundación Todo Mejora Award, in the Academic World category.

Its Psychology Clinic serves over seven hundred patients a year.  The Clinic has become a social action program that fosters permanent interaction by providing quality mental health services.