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UDP Strategy


Diego Portales University seeks to further consolidate its well-known public-oriented approach by:

  • Diversifying professional elites through quality education (academic and professional), that ensures a successful insertion and early progression in the workforce, regardless of the student’s socioeconomic background.
  • Producing public goods, mainly research, contributing not only to a particular discipline but also to issues of national interest.
  • Developing academic programs that guarantee the students’ critical independence and public use of reason and discipline.
  • Providing a dual system of governance that includes financial and patrimonial supervision by an external third party, incorporating the deliberative participation of scholars and students in the University’s intellectual stewardship.
  • Offering a management style open to active accountability and transparency.
  • Promoting the existence of a diverse student body.
  • Maintaining a community outreach program that prevents intellectual isolation by addressing issues emerging from the national and international contexts of which UDP is a part.
  • Connecting with selective international networks and higher education institutions that contribute to the quality of the academic project.